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  Uncle refused to seat, grab the seat you do not blush Uncle refused to seat, grab the seat you do not blush Hou Jiang Recently, a do a "Needless seat" LED badge old man riding the subway fire, and lead users mad praise, known as the "hard core uncle.".Old man named Liu Zengsheng, Dalian, 76 years old this year.The old man said the move was afraid to burden the other passengers.76-year-old, endlessly retreat, take public transportation every day, and down to a half hour bus journey.No matter how good the body, you really need to sit down and rest and.Can be silver-haired, handsome stubborn uncle, he just online shopping card and a small piece of the past two years have been worn on the chest, in a domineering but lovely way to express yourself and considerate of others while self-esteem attitude.Refused to seat uncle embraced by friends, think carefully, there are three reasons.First, they refused to seat uncle is in fact speak for the thousands of elderly goodness.He adhered to the principle of the benefit of others and clung to the pride of his heart.This allows users who think around countless adorable elders.This uncle aunt, than those Yilaomailao, Pa seat wounding, false Pengci people, far more than a million times and more!An old house where a treasure.Like old Uncle Liu, it is a treasure of our society as a whole.Second, the uncle refused to seat the behavior appears to be immune, in fact, enhance the understanding between generations.For some time, the old man was exposed individual selfish misconduct in public places, causing the sound to the old Venerable not condemnation of the network.The piece sparkling uncle refused to brand his chest seat, quietly tell you that good deeds young and old, more or "aged of good people.".Today, we refuse to seat uncle applauded, we are likely to encounter sensible boy tomorrow, considerate sister, uncle of justice, in the face "Needless seat," there will be more people "active seat".Third, the seat uncle refused to seat the act made a new interpretation.Public transportation, equality.Seat for the young and old sick, is a moral conscious, should not become an excuse for moral kidnapped.Those old people not being seat beatings of young people, the "seat" as an imposed responsibility, can only create resentment and apathy.Grandpa often refused to seat seat in the subway, and now users are sure to give strong confession seat so old, in fact, also illustrates, good deeds become a fashion, certainly not the result of persecution.Uncle refused to seat into the net red, reassuring.It is fully described, goodness and virtue shall respected, shall be followed.A good social climate, that is, in such a respected and followed, more powerful.


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Uncle refused to seat, grab the seat you do not blush Uncle refused to seat, grab the seat you do not blush Hou Jiang Recently, a do a Needless seat LED badge ol