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  bv1946伟德体育Apple crowns the best games, apps and artists of 2020Apple crowns the best games, apps and artists of 2020 Apple named its favorite and most-popular apps for 2020. Donut Country and Gorogoa, both games published by Ananpurna Interactive, were chosen as the best iPhone and iPad games of the year by editors at the consumer technology giant.Separate from games,Procreate Pocket, a drawing app by Savage Interactive, and Froggipedia, a biology app by Designmate, were chosen as best iPhone and iPad apps of the year. The lists of top free apps for both the iPhone and iPad were crowded with social media offerings. Both lists included YouTube, Messenger and Facebook, though in different positions. The top free game app for both iPhone and iPad was, unsurprisingly, Fortnite, a blockbuster battle game. The editors at Apple, which unveiled the list Monday night, also chose Drake as the artist of the year and Cardi BsI Like It as song of the year. Apple also chose best apps and games for its specific devices. Altos Odyssey was named Best Apple TV Game of 2020, Pixelmator Pro for Best Mac App and The Gardens Between as Best Mac Game. An abbreviated list of the winners can be found below. The full list, which includes podcasts, videos and books, is availablehere. Best Apps of 2020 -- Editorial selections \t\tiPhone App of the year -- Procreate Pocket iPhone Game of the year -- Donut County iPad App of the year -- Froggipedia iPad Game of the year -- Gorogoa Mac App of the year -- Pixelmator Pro Mac Game of the year -- The Gardens Between Apple TV App of the year -- Sweat Apple TV Game of the year -- Altos Odyssey Favorite Apple Watch Apps of the year -- Editorial selections WaterMinder Lifesum 10% Happier Carrot Weather FunGolf GPS Swing Tennis Tracker Slopes App in the Air Overcast Just Press Record \t \t\tTop Free iPhone Apps -- Chart \t\tYouTube \t\tSnapchat \t\tMessenger \t\tFacebook \t\tBitmoji \t\tNetflix \t\tGoogle Maps \t\tGmail \t\tSpotify Music \t \t\tTop Paid iPhone Apps -- Chart \t \t\tFacetuneKirakira+ \t\tDark Sky Weather \t\tHotSchedules \t\tPlantSnap Plant Identification \t\tAutoSleep Tracker for Watch \t\tSky Guide \t\t1 Second Everyday: Video Diary \t\tThe Wonder Weeks \t\tAfterlight 2 \t \t\tTop Free iPhone Games -- Chart \t \t\tFortnite \t\tHelix Jump \t\tRise Up \t\tPUBG Mobile \t\ \t\tLove Balls \t\tSnake VS Block \t\tRules of Survival \t\tRoblox \t\tDune \t \t\tTop Paid iPhone Games -- Chart \t\tHeads Up \t\tMinecraf \t\tPlague Inc. \t\tBloons TD 6 \t\tPocket Build \t\tBloons TD 5 \t\tGeometry Dash \t\tThe Game of Life \tPapas Freezeria To Go \t\tGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas \t\tTop Free iPad Apps -- Chart \t\tYouTube \t\tNetflix \t\tMessenger \t\tFacebook \t\tAmazon Prime Video \t\tGoogle Chrome \t\tGmail \t\tYouTube Kids \t\tThe Calculator \t\tAmazon \t \t\tTop Paid iPad Apps -- Chart \t \t\tProcreate \t\tNotability \t\tGoodNotes 4 \t\tToca Life: Pets \t\tDuet Display \t\tToca Life: After School \t\tXtraMath \t\tToca Hair Salon 3 \t\tMyScript Nebo \t\tToca Kitchen 2 Top Free iPad Games -- Chart \t\tFortnite \t\tRoblox \t\tKick the Buddy \t\tLove Balls \t\tHelix Jump \t\tColor by Number Coloring Game \t\tBowmasters -- Multiplayer Game \t\ \t\tRise Up \t\tRules of Survival \t \t \t\tTop Paid iPad Games -- Chart \t\tMinecraft \t\tGeometry Dash \t\tThe Game of Life \t\tThe Room: Old Sins \t\tHeads Up \t\tBloons TD 6 \t\tGoat Simulator \t\tFive Nights at Freddys \t\tLego Jurassic World \t\tTerraria \t \t\tApple Music \t\tBest Music of 2020 -- Editorial selections \t \t\tArtist of the year: Drake Breakout Artist of the Year: Juice WRLD Song of the Year: I Like It - Cardi B featuring Bad Bunny & J. Balvin Album of the Year: Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves \t


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