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  3000 visitors daily limit man-made ancient city protection off to a good start 3000 visitors daily limit man-made ancient city protection off to a good start July 7, Hangzhou Liangzhu ancient city ruins park held the opening ceremony.The Heritage Park uphold the principle of openness, "an appointment visit, guide and orderly", the highest single-day implementation of the carrying capacity control, the current ceiling of 3,000 daily visitors..If you say these days the hottest attractions, I am afraid that non Hangzhou Liangzhu ancient city ruins park must go.One reason is that the ancient city long history arouse infinite yearning tourists and curiosity check it out; on the other hand is because UNESCO "Liangzhu ancient city ruins," the "World Heritage List".The ancient city of World Heritage gratifying, Heritage Park is open to visitors for a good thing, but Liangzhu ancient city ruins and general park attractions, parks and not the same, because it is an outstanding example of early human civilization, is positive history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, "the holy Land".The World Heritage List, marking the history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization recognized by the international community.For the protection of the ancient city, we can not stop at "for them".In the ideal state is to ensure that "foolproof" under the premise be used, to protect it on the basis of the maximum value.The good news is, we have not seen too much conflict between utilization and protection, on the first day the park opened, the management will take the initiative limiting measures for park visitors.May 3000 park visitors who really is not that much, but for extremely sensitive and cultural sites recently put to use the park, such prudence can understand.And accommodation was not set in stone, will be dynamically adjusted based on the need to protect the operations of the.So careful and scientific initiatives for the protection of the ancient city can be described as off to a good start.Unlike other general attractions, cultural heritage sites once they are damaged it would be forever irreversible, it is necessary to plan ahead, well prepared.In addition to limiting the number of security personnel within the park must also ensure adequate air defense at the same time do a good job, but also good anti-technology, the use of video surveillance, alarm systems do a good job early warning and emergency disposal."Defense" is essential, but that is passive response of the law, it is inevitable imperfection.If there are no tourists to vandalism in the park, and that even allow a variety of "defense" have become a decoration, I think the management side is also very happy to.This requires tourists to visit, to enhance their quality garden, With thousands of years of heritage in the heart of awe, consciously abide by park management practices, civilized tour.You know, these are the cultural heritage ancestors left us a valuable asset, we have the responsibility and obligation to protect its heritage to the next generation, and once uncivilized behavior, can we and future generations can no longer allow these treasures to witness so who could not afford the cost.Of course, this also requires management side remind, good protection of intellectual and propaganda and popularization of relevant provisions in the park, very few constraints uncivilized tourists.Liangzhu ancient city ruins is the common wealth of mankind, protect, heritage it is also the responsibility of each of us good bounden.Xiaxiong Fei Source: China Youth Daily


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