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  Israels first high-throughput micro-nano satellites will be launched Israels first high-throughput micro-nano satellite NSLSat-1 launch will be in the East Russian port 5, equipped with "Union" rocket launch.The new satellite communications capacity than the current best micro-nano satellite to 100 times faster, provides a better Internet experience for people on the plane and high-speed trains.Zheke Micronanoelectronic high throughput can be realized high-speed communication satellite, a communication connection is the use of the technology provided by startups NSLComm.NSLComm company in Tel Aviv, it creates antenna solutions enable faster bandwidth transmission at the same time reducing the cost per bit.In addition, the use of such antennas allows an operator to control the rail tracks, a signal transmitted directly to the specific area has a bandwidth demand.NSLComm co-founder and CEO, Dr. Tamir, high-throughput micro-nano satellite for start-ups is a "significant achievement", but also the watershed of the satellite industry.The satellite launch will prove faster, cheaper, more efficient high-speed satellite communication is achievable.After NSLSat-1 launch, will conduct joint testing with the car, several telecommunications and tourism industry, "a partner".Under the agreement the company signed with Amazon Web Services, the satellite will use satellite communications ground station located in the Amazon, Oregon and Ohio.NSLComm and its partners plan to launch 30 satellites by 2021, to launch hundreds of satellites in 2023.They will constitute a satellite communications network in the sky, providing its customers with high-speed global communications.


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