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  Costa Rica Costa Rican President thanked China for helping to solve the drinking water problem Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado when in Guanacaste Province, visited China Aid Urban Water Supply Project 23, Costa Rica, Costa Rica thanked the Chinese people to help solve the drinking water problem.Alvarado said that improving peoples drinking water supply Guanacaste province, while strengthening road infrastructure and create jobs, is one of the things the Costa Rican government priorities.Thanks to the generous support of the Chinese government, under the joint efforts of the project are under way.This project will not only supply the region 2.7 million people drinking water, but also to strengthen the friendship between China and Costa Rica, cooperation and mutual understanding.Accompanied the inspection of the Chinese Ambassador to Costa Rica Heng Tang said China deems Costa Rica as a trusted friend and partner, the Chinese government is willing to provide within the limits of economic and social development for the brother sincere and selfless help to continuously push forward bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation to a new level.The relationship between the local peoples livelihood water projects, but also two popular communication link.Chinese construction company to quality and quantity to complete the project construction, and strive to build the project as a model of cooperation projects in Costa Rica, and Costa Rica for the development of relations between the two countries and build "along the way" building blocks..Assistance to Costa Rica in 2015 urban water supply project is proposed by Costa Rica to China six aid projects to be the most anticipated local peoples livelihood project.Over the years, the city of Ca?as Guanacaste province and the nearby city of Beiweideluo inadequate water supply, excessive levels of arsenic in groundwater, seriously affecting local residents, but also the local economic development has been greatly restricted.After four Bureau of China Railway Group Ltd. won the bid the project as a general construction contractor, after more than a year of effort, finally achieved in April this year, the project officially started.The project will build pontoons and water pumping stations, water purification plants Ca?as reservoir Yar holy city, and the construction of 14 km long water supply pipeline, to form a complete water supply system.Currently the project is progressing well, the overall project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.


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