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  Agricultural Insurance indemnity paid a total of over 240 billion yuan Liang Tao, vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently in silver accelerate the development of high-quality agricultural insurance forum organized by the China Insurance Society said that since 2007 the central government to start agricultural insurance subsidies, agricultural insurance market is growing rapidly, effectively play the role of protection, as of now has accumulated to pay compensation of more than 2400 one hundred million yuan.Liang Tao said that in 2020 premium income of Chinas agriculture is expected to reach 68 billion yuan, providing risk protection 3.6 trillion yuan, agricultural insurance business scale ranked first in Asia; more than 270 kinds of insurance coverage of the current national agricultural crop varieties, basically covering all areas.Since 2008, agricultural insurance to a total of 3.600 million times affected farmers to pay insurance claims of more than 2400 one hundred million yuan.According to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, silver grass and the National Bureau of China Insurance Regulatory Commission in 2020, the four departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the development of high-quality agricultural insurance", this year China will continue to promote agricultural insurance mentioned standard, extending the coverage, increasing products, and promote rice, wheat, corn catastrophe insurance pilot, full-cost insurance and income insurance pilot, support around the local conditions to carry out local characteristics and advantages of agricultural insurance, and improve the level of protection.Liang Tao said it will explore the different types of insurance, as well as at different stages of development, different categories of market players implementation of differentiated supervision, and constantly improve regulatory efficiency; supervision departments will also further strengthen coordination and cooperation, continue to increase agriculture insurance promote the establishment of mechanisms to check normalization to promote the increase compliance costs, firmly safeguard the interests of farmers.


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