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  2019 "Fortune" China Top 500: Jingdong ranked first Internet company 2020 "Fortune" China 500 list released, with operating income of 462 billion yuan Jingdong ranked 17th in the overall standings, while Internet companies ranked first in science and technology.This year China 500 list of the listed companys total revenue reached 45.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 14 over last year.8%, a new high; net profit reached 3.625 trillion yuan, compared with last year, an increase of 4.twenty one%.This years list is the companys annual revenue threshold of 162.3.8 billion yuan, compared with last year improved by 17%.The new economic blocks by an electronic, Internet services and computer-related industries consisting of the continuation of the previous rapid growth, the number of companies on the list increased to 37, segment revenue grew 29%.This year a total of 42 companies new to the list and re-list, which millet Groups total revenue of 174.9 billion yuan ranked No. 53.US Mission Comments places 65.2 billion yuan in revenue ranked No. 140.In the food industry, popular concern is for the first time into the top 500 this year, sea fishing, in 2020 total revenue of 17 billion yuan.In addition, a good future is to be the first on the list of Chinas top 500 enterprises education sector.


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