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  China flower tour veteran "comeback" World Championship Zhaiyin In Gwangju World Swimming Championships Synchronized Swimming Duet Technical Routine Final evening of 14, the Chinese swim combination Huangxue Chen / Sun Wenyan won the silver medal, the Russian team gold.That night, back near the Olympic Games and World Championships silver medalist Huangxue Chen / Sun Wenyan, dressed in "China Wind" swimsuit debut, two dance "game", with a beautiful body language tells the story of the pursuit of hope, freedom, courage Story.Accompanied by the sonorous rhythm, China combined opening first lifted upright and strong, followed by a series of leg movement that lasted for nearly 20 seconds, the integration of different combinations of upper and lower rotation, won cheers a site.Entire show frequency of fast action, great visual impact, and ultimately to 94.0072 points Zhaiyin.Favorites to win the Russian team continues dominance flower tour, ace combination Rome Kuzminishna / Clay Disney Tymoshenko, night superb performance won 95.9010 score, the gold medal in the bag.Ukrainian team won the bronze medal.The World Championships brings together a number of comeback swimming star.Russian "Flower Queen tour," said the Roman Kuzminishna, who retired after the Olympic Games in Rio, announced comeback last year."I feel very comfortable in the pool, I believe I can do more."Said winning 后罗马什娜.Chinese players Huangxue Chen and Sun Wenyan, also veteran return; the two had a history retire, are the sixth, fifth world championships.Turning to the day of the finals, Huangxue Chen said: "I am happy, I feel better than the preliminaries; more happy to return to the pool, or the familiar feeling."As the mother-class players, she smiled and said child is too young, do not understand anything, but for me is the driving force.Looking Tokyo Olympic Games, Huangxue Chen said, focusing on their breakthrough, "Now is the second, but also forging ahead.".Chinese swim team head coach Wang Jie said the old players back to bring a lot of experience to the team, the two have the ability to improve a lot, more mature."The next fight to be a one game."On the World Championships, Huangxue Chen, Sun Wenyan will lead the Chinese swim team took the only male players Shi Hao Yu and the battle against the remaining 11.The next few days, they will attack the medal on a number of projects such as the collective technical choice.


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