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  The countrys first vote in the used car export Nansha, Guangdong Free Trade Area of the test area fast track The countrys first vote in the used car export in Guangdong Free Trade Area of the test area of Nansha, Guangzhou customs clearance CNR network July 20th news July 17, along with customs clearance command is given, the total value of 9 1.1 million yuan in used car Guangzhou Nansha Port lifting the boat, sail to destinations in Cambodia, marking the countrys first officially set sail ticket used car exports in Guangdong Nansha.It is understood that this year April 26, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security, General Administration of Customs three departments jointly issued the "Notice on support to carry out the used car export business in the region the conditions are ripe," as the countrys first batch of Guangdong to carry out the used car export business one of 10 provinces and cities, and actively promote the export of used cars work.General Administration of Customs Guangdong Branch, Guangzhou customs union in the province related units, and comprehensively promote the export of second-hand car business floor, Guangzhou, Shenzhen five strong comprehensive strength of enterprises to obtain the first batch of the province qualification record."After three years of domestic and international market research and found that used car export market potential is large.We developed a sound business strategy, selected countries along Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Russia and other along the way overseas customers signed its first single used car export contracts, the total export volume this year is expected to be 3000, "The Guangdong Holdings Ltd., general manager of supply chain good car export shipment of used car belongs Hu Zhihao representation.Reporters at the scene saw Nansha automobile terminal, the first votes in the export declaration enterprises to adopt integrated model clearance customs declaration to the Spratly Islands, from customs to complete clearance procedures with only three minutes.It is understood that the first batch of used car export business to ensure the smooth development of Guangdong Sub-Administration of Customs pre actively coordinating relevant departments and used car export business to strengthen the docking pilot enterprises, to provide "one to one" clearance operations guidance in a timely manner; Guangzhou Customs Research developed a "used car export customs operational guidelines" to develop speedy customs clearance, inspection mechanism, personal follow-up guidance to provide maximum clearance facilitation services to ensure efficient clearance.It is reported that the countrys first vote in the smooth export of used cars, Guangdong Nansha Free Trade Area of the test area, marking Chinas used car market circulation to further strengthen the domestic car market and further stimulate the vitality, will strongly support the set of transactions, logistics, finance and other second-hand one build car export service system.


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