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  [Change] to see the Yangtze River every household live in villas!The village may subvert your cognitive Hubei Jiayu County into the eighth official Village farmer groups, the eye is spotless and tidy asphalt road trim the green belt, looking ahead, sparkling lake and the mountains and plains of green each other, in a row rows of chic style villa on farmers nestled in the mountains this.Hard to believe that this is one of only a few 60 households, more than 200 small villages, in which 3.8 square kilometers of land, lies more than a dozen companies, most of them villagers to solve the employment, but also inject vitality into the development of rural economy.Even more amazing is that these companies belong to the group of villagers holding field.Village officials in eight groups, namely the villagers are shareholders, can participate in the Group annual dividend.They live in every family villas, ranging social welfare, schooling of children has benefits, retirement can pensioner.Here life happiness index no worse than in urban areas.Village official eight groups living in every household Groups villa.The picture shows Zhouguo Bing home.Photo Zhouguo Bing Xing Rui is one of eight groups guanqiao members of his groups work in the field of a business, their home bright and spacious duplex villas, indoor furniture readily available, reasonable bathroom, study, bedroom, kitchen layout."Every family villa units are the same, furniture decoration are also in with a good group," so to reporters Zhouguo Bing.In addition to his home on the fourth-grade son outside, and everyone shares held.Zhouguo Bing years salary plus bonus can get Yiershiwan, his son graduated from birth to high school, you can also receive 1000 yuan monthly subsidy.According to him, the group members are not annual dividends, etc., long holding time of the year can get hundreds of thousands, a short time also has one or two million.In fact as early as 2017, members of their per capita net income has reached $$ 60,000 villagers living here never had to worry about for a living.All they now enjoy have benefited from 40 years, eight sets of human mental acuity of vision and forge ahead.Village official eight groups of wide flat road, spotless.Xing Rui taken 40 years ago, it was still a "lived grass green room, eating purchased food," the poor Wowo, when it comes to Guan Qiao eight groups of "family history", eight team leader Zhou Baosheng is a must mention people.In the late 1970s, when the household contract responsibility system still in the exploratory stage, Zhou Baosheng has been assigned to the land each household.In the early 1980s, he was in town rented a three-room, led by members from the office of Popsicle factory, deli and canteen.After that, eight groups of industry constantly upgrading, they opened a small coal mines, run from the sofa factory, foundry.During this period, the crew are living on the small building collective cover, Guan Qiao eight groups also completed the primitive accumulation of capital.1990s, Zhou Baosheng realized that resource-based and labor-intensive enterprises can not meet the requirements of a sustainable future, they shut down the small plant was still profitable, integrated resource group founded the field, he began to explore the field of high-tech industries.Zhou Baosheng spend heavily invited experts, the establishment of a post-doctoral high-tech industrial park, after years of ups and downs of development, todays official Village eight groups have built a production and research base for a group of high-tech magnetic materials, welding materials.Rows of chic style villa village nestled in the mountains.Xing Rui photo "field is a group of villagers set up small groups of business, when the development is to rely on the joint efforts of the villagers, who is the founder of the group field", a subsidiary of the Group field manager Fang Hao says."Our group company under the more diversified industry, each industry has economic benefits, can bring benefits for the villagers."With the continuous development officer Village eight groups of members who have lived a good life for all shareholders, this small village also continue to attract young people back to work in the field.Zhouguo Bing is an example, after graduating from college, he first career two years in Guangdong, home to rapid changes and a series of favorable policies to let him return to the place of birth."If you choose to return home after graduating from college, the group to relocation and living expenses and tuition reimbursement," Zhouguo Bing introduced this.At present, the official Village shares held by members of eight groups are indigenous people, but for the outstanding contributions of foreign population group, members can also enjoy the benefits."Group is also considering the introduction of talent to remain a part of the shares, they can become honorary villagers, the villagers can also enjoy the benefits," Fang Hao case said.Eight groups of development, but also led to the development of the official Village, the villagers are the envy of other groups of eight groups of members of the good old days.Today, the official Village eight groups also plan to jointly surrounding villages, to build Country Park 5A level, and strive to achieve common prosperity.



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[Change] to see the Yangtze River every household live in villas!The village may subvert your cognitive Hubei Jiayu County into the eighth official Village farme